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Studio control system for tanning studios in Norway and other countries.
SunMaster , terms and features   SunMaster: The SunMaster concept has been designed to operate and manage comfortably tanning salons, manage differnet ways to pay and have full control of all operations. SunServer: The SunServer software enables communication between the database and touch screen monitor or between other SunMaster. SunBrowser: The SunBrowser software allows the adjustment of components and display all information on the monitor for the customer. SunAdmin: The SunAdmin software is developed for the salon owner to management the SunMaster locally or via the Internet in the background , without affecting the studio operation. The SunAdmin is also used to control and create daily, weekly or monthly reports that will be sent automatically by E-mail. Payment options: Depending on the equipment and the customer provides the SunMaster following payment methods: BANK-card, STUDIO-card ( Holtkamp ) , SUN-code, CONTRACT-code, the FINGERPRINT as well as 10 additional freely configurable payment functions in counter mode. Receipt Printer: Each SunMaster has a receipt printer, which prints the SUN- and contractcodes as well. Tanner control: The control of up to 35 tanners are managed via the Holtkamp data buses. Existing Holtkamp coin- and chip-card operated machines (UNO , DUO) and switch boxes can be used. Age control: to follow the rules of NRPA, we do the age controll using BankID. Every user has to be registered on a server. If once redistered, the user can login with his mobile number ore more easy, using the SunMaster App.   Options: The SunMaster software is continually evolving and has numerous options: • Solid wall terminal with 19 " touchscreen • Windows -based software SunMaster • Extensive permission system • Comfortable evaluation and report system • Complete control and monitoring via Internet • Automatic daily restarting with online data backup • 2. INFO monitor • Studio card function on the terminal with chip card issuance • SUN-code with SMS sending • Automatic SUN-code generation for promotion • Sending SMS • Use contracts • Fingerprint sensor for identification of contract customers • Promotional information on the monitor • Linking other SunMaster or counter version in big studios • Fire Alarm function ( While fire alarm, all solariums will be switched off ) • Connection of Quasar vending machines